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About Us

Barmen Seafood AS was founded in 2019 by Norwegian salmon and trout entrepreneurs Emil Barmen, Arild Stormer, and Tora Agledal. It all started at the top of Fløyen, one of the seven mountains in Bergen, Norway.

Emil and Arild were hiking and camping outdoors. They were both very engaged in the aquaculture industry and had a background working in that field. As it is very difficult to expand the industry in Norway, it has led to many conversations on how to take the trout and salmon aquaculture into new areas. After extensive research on the subject, they found several areas suitable for better utilization of salmonid aquaculture.

Tora was brought onboard to provide the biological competence needed. Emil and Tora had studied together during upper secondary school. While Emil was working on the salmon farms and fixing equipment, Tora was studying the chemical composition of the salmon feed.

After working days and nights for three months, the team was approved eligible for government support to develop sustainable salmonid aquaculture in new areas.

Emil Barmen


Barmen grew up by the coast close to the fisheries city of Måløy, Norway. He is the third generation choosing to work in the aquaculture industry. His grandfather started a salmon farm in the late 1970s, and his father and uncle followed in his footsteps.

Emil has worked four years as an industrial machinery mechanic for Mowi region west. In close collaboration with his uncle, they repaired farming equipment, solved technical problems and invented new solutions. He also worked as a salmon farmer in the weekends. From his experiences, Barmen gained broad industry knowledge from tailoring equipment to the inner workings of the Norwegian aquaculture industry.

He studied cybernetics and robotics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU and has been working as an IT consultant. He was the co-founder of the clothing brand, Sokkis and he holds a B.Sc. from the Norwegian School of Economics, NHH.

Arild Stormer

Chief Communications Officer

Stormer grew up in Bergen, one of the major fish farming cities of Norway. He loved observing wildlife in the shoreline and he developed a passion for seafood.

He has worked as a cod farmer during the heydays of the cod farming industry in Norway. On the weekends he would function as the operational manager. He taught new employees in internal communication and did health, safety and environment training.

Stormer has an educational background from the Norwegian School of Economics, NHH, and American University in Washington D.C. Stormer was a member of NHH men’s heavyweight crew, represented in Henley Royal Regatta. He is also a former professional ice hockey player.

Tora Agledal

Chief Sustainability and Technical Officer

Agledal grew up in Florø, the old capital of the Norwegian herring fishery. She has always been interested in wildlife and over time she developed an enthusiasm for protecting the environment.

Tora has a strong academic background from the University of Bergen where she studied salmon and trout aquaculture engineering. Agledal previously worked with species used for delousing salmonids and she developed a passion for fish welfare, fish health, and environmental sustainability.

Agledal has engaged with professors and companies within the aquaculture industry to find solutions to expand sustainably. Agledal spent four years at Havlandet Forskningslaboratorium AS (Havlandet Research Center for aquaculture) doing chemical analysis of regular- and medicine feed for the major aquaculture feed producers.